Avon Clearskin Professional Liquid Extraction Strip

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Instantly strips away pore-clogging dirt & oil. Use 1-2 times a week around nose, forehead, T-zone and chin. Dries in approximately 20 minutes. 30ml.

Clean skin prior to application. Using your finger as an applicator, spread a thick layer of product to top and sides of nose area, including crevices of nose where blackheads are likely to form. The strip should extend outward about 1/2 inch on the cheek on both sides of the nose, which will provide a "tab" to hold once strip dries, making removal easier. 

Removal: After waiting until strip is completely dry (suggested time is 20 min.), gently use the soft tip of your thumb or finger to rub up enough of the "tab" of the strip (until you have enough of a hold on it). Slowly peel the entire strip away from your nose. Follow similar instructions when applying to t-zone, forehead or chin. 

This is not an acne-treatment product.

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